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Communication and knowledge sharing are at the core of UNESCO’s constitution and missions. With the rise of new communication technologies, Internet portals and websites have become increasingly important outreach channels. As a complement to the UNESCO Internet Portal (www.unesco.org), the websites of National Commissions for UNESCO and of Permanent Delegations to UNESCO can contribute significantly to the Organization’s global and local visibility. Their particular role is to provide access for national or regional audiences and communities to information about:

         the activities of National Commissions or Permanent Delegations;

         other UNESCO-related activities at the local, national and regional levels;

         UNESCO’s institutional missions and international activities that are of particular relevance to these audiences and communities.

The establishment by National Commissions and Permanent Delegations of their own websites is strongly encouraged. However, the relevant resources of the UNESCO Secretariat are not sufficient to provide individual technical or financial support for the websites of Member States. Furthermore, the UNESCO Secretariat cannot assume any legal or substantive responsibility for such websites.

Included in this help package is a set of advice and tips for National Commissions and Permanent Delegations on how to setup, register, host and manage their own Internet websites Such guidance may be particularly useful for those Member States whose specific technical capacities and human resources are limited. The Help Package also aims to ensure a consistent quality of websites that are published in the name of UNESCO, as well as their conformity with the applicable standards and rules established by the Organization. 


This website offers you necessary elements to create and maintain your website and represents the upgrading of the Master Website for National Commissions for UNESCO software.

It contains a series of helpful documents to facilitate the creation of a website: